April 20, 2017

The mountain blog: Last push

Sugar Loaf Trig Point

With less than 2 week to go now until our Mountain Challenge, I thought it would be a good opportunity to share with you all the details of our last push.

First and foremost, thank you to all who have raised money and awareness for the cause. We are all completely overwhelmed by the kindness and humility that’s been shown ever since we announced the challenge in memory of James. As some of you will know already, your involvement doesn’t have to end there…

We had a vision at the start that this challenge would be inclusive of as many people as possible to honour James and do their own ‘mini-challenge’ that ties in with our last walk at Sugar Loaf mountain, Abergavenny. It’s about an hour from Bristol and felt like the perfect location for everyone to get involved and help us through our last walk as a celebration of James’ life and completing the challenge.

If you’re thinking of joining us on the day, please make sure you can get to Sugar Loaf for 9.00am on Monday 1st May and we’ll get going with our final walk shortly after. There is ample parking available, but I would strongly recommend getting over to South Wales in good time as this is quite a popular peak with the locals and being a bank holiday weekend it does have the tendency to get busy.

The Sugar Loaf is suitable for walkers of all abilities to reach the summit though also a good challenge as well. It’s a gentle gradient lead-up for around 400m, finishing with a reasonably steep finish to reach the trig point. However, if this last little bit sounds like it might be a bit too much then don’t worry! There’s absolutely no pressure for everyone to reach to top (apart for the team I guess!) and you can simply take in the wonderful panoramic views across South Wales and enjoy the occasion.

Also, if you are coming along with us please ensure you take every precaution to prepare correctly. Therefore, if you have walking boots I would strongly recommend them, as well as waterproof jacket, comfortable trousers/ shorts and a change of clothes just in case there’s wet weather. For instructions on how to get to Sugar Loaf please download or print our handy guide here.

Snowdon Summit

The team at the summit of Snowdon

So that’s the details of what will be our last push of the challenge, but what have we been up to with regards to our training? On Good Friday, a long day was spent up in Snowdonia by the team getting used to our two North Welsh peaks, Snowdon and Tryfan. It was a fantastic effort by the team to brave the miserable weather conditions and the gruelling 8 hours of driving which started at 6.00am and ended at midnight.

It wasn’t all bad though. A great team spirit to drive each other on has been really evident throughout these last 6 months and no less so than on Friday, which was really enjoyable to be a part of. We’re all so looking forward to the next couple of weeks and will be excited to be joined by as many of you as possible.

Please remember that if you haven’t sponsored yet, you can still do so by clicking here. Thank you so much once again, and quite literally, here’s to the next steps!

Stu and the Colman 4 Mountain Team